In the rapidly changing geopolitical environment of the early 21st Century, there is an urgent and growing need for world-class education and research in the areas of assurance, deterrence, escalation management, and nonproliferation. From nuclear to cyber, the Center for Assurance, Deterrence, Escalation, and Nonproliferation Science & Education (CADENSE) seeks to explore and better navigate the complex, multi-domain, and multi-polar world of today and tomorrow.  CADENSE is dedicated to the altruistic goal of averting existential attack on the U.S. and its allies as well as forestalling global war through the study and education of effective deterrence and escalation management. One of the pillars underwriting the success of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty is a complex network of alliances and partnerships. Assuring such allies has become much more complicated in today’s international environment of expanding nuclear threats, an ever-changing U.S. nuclear deterrence policy, and constraining U.S. defense resources. The cogent application of means to achieve a strategic nuclear deterrence effect requires learned practitioners of national security in order to maintain credibility. Moreover, the need for cyber-deterrence thinkers and specialists remains paramount. CADENSE looks to accelerate the study of assurance, deterrence, escalation, and nonproliferation while also offering educational opportunities in these fields  both at Louisiana Tech University and our partners, such as the U.S. Air Force. CADENSE provides next-door support to Air Force Global Strike Command, while fostering a collaborative, agile, and deliberate “thought engine” which will result in advances to U.S. national security.

CADENSE is chartered to produce or provide world-class research, assessments, and studies across the deterrence spectrum; to promote and conduct cutting edge cross-domain nuclear deterrence and assurance educational programs; and to enrich and energize the intellectual discussion within which the U.S. nuclear enterprise conducts its vital missions.

Our areas of study


Enabling the U.S. and its allies to explore assurance issues prior to becoming open challenges.


Expanding 21st Century cross-domain deterrence education, efficacy, enterprise, and thought.


Seeking quantitative approaches to advance study in escalation management.


Exploring new avenues of research in the critical national security area of nuclear nonproliferation.