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A strategic partner of LTRI providing innovative programs, intellectual capital and responsive support towards expansion of a knowledge-based workforce throughout the region

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Applied Research

Promoting and conducting innovative applied research that supports rapid transition of technologies to solve complex problems

What is LTRI?

Louisiana Tech Research Institute (LTRI) is the formal recognition of the existing and productive partnership efforts between Louisiana Tech University and other local and national partners. The goal of LTRI is to (1) enable Louisiana Tech University to secure new work in new ways from both industry and defense partners; (2) Provide the US Air Force and Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) with next-door access to a dedicated R&D/applied research center and strategic intellectual thought/capital; (3) build focused competencies to attract talent and industry; and (4) serve as the official home for deterrence-, cyber-, defense-, and intelligence-related education, training, and workforce development programs for North Louisiana.

LTRI focuses on supporting the defense and intelligence communities by advancing applied research across three core areas: deterrence education and thought; cyber-enabled NC3; and cyber surety and resiliency. LTRI gives the National Cyber Research Park (NCRP) and North Louisiana a tremendous competitive advantage.