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LTRI supports Air Force Global Strike Command, northwest Louisiana partners

By Louisiana Tech University, General News | Published on March 25, 2021

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Tech announces summer honor roll | Louisiana Tech University


NC3 courses are available to Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen and civilians

By Keefer Patterson, Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs | Published on February 24, 2021

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New NC3 courses strengthen the U.S. nuclear enterprise

By Sean Green, STRIKEWERX | Published on September 24, 2020

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Guide to Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Great-Power Competition

The “Guide to Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Great-Power Competition” brings together twenty-two authors who dissect the complex strategic environment and explain how credible nuclear capability is the bedrock of America’s defense. To be credible, America must compete as Russia and China modernize to challenge international norms. This thought-provoking book will answer the reader’s question, “why does nuclear deterrence matter to me?”



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Guide to Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Great-Power Competition


Our mission at LTRI is to promote and advance innovative, agile, and responsive interdisciplinary policy analysis, applied education, training, and research, and transformative technologies that address national security challenges.


Our vision at LTRI is to serve as a transformative leader in national security, problem-solving technology, and solutions through innovation in interdisciplinary policy analysis, education and training, applied research, and strategic thought.


LTRI focuses on supporting the defense and intelligence communities by advancing applied research across three core areas:

  • Nuclear deterrence education and thought

  • Cyber-enabled NC3

  • Cyber surety and resiliency